Envisioning The Future of Downtown Basalt

Community input remains at the heart of reshaping downtown Basalt. People of all ages and from all walks of life have contributed their ideas of how Basalt should look in the future. The results of this public input process are being used to create an action plan reflecting the community’s vision. You can read how Basalt’s informal networks contributed to this initial effort in the Our Town Planning Report generated by JKA Group.

Lowes Presentation
Lowe Enterprises Presentation
March 10th Presentation to Town Council
Setting Expectations

The idea was to listen, learn, and share ideas, concerns and visions – all through a constructive, civil dialogue. See the Chat Session Meeting Notes.

Starting with the End in Mind

Self-discover and clarify Basalt’s important character values and goals. Envision the ideal characteristics. See current “Our Town” Drawings.

Creating The Capacity For Change

See Basalt’s reality clearly and build your organizational change strategy and culture accordingly. View video from the Summary Findings Meeting.

Our Town Planning Process Continues

Ideas about Basalt’s future were gathered in 18 chat sessions, numerous stakeholder group and public meetings, and through 300+ maps and drawings submitted to the Town earlier this year. This process generated around 3,000 ideas which were subsequently synthesized into three different options. A vote was conducted and Option Two of the proposed site plan scenarios was chosen by the majority of voters in a June survey. Option Two will be used as the basis for further discussions regarding specific uses on the Pan and Fork, Clark’s Market, and Lions Park properties.

This ongoing process has moved from the “visioning” stage to “narrowing down the possibilities” with the appointment of members to the Downtown Area Advisory Committee (DAAC) and the commissioning of a town-wide survey, findings of which are available via a link in the footer.  The DAAC members met from October to December 2014 to refine the community’s earlier work.  The result was the concept map seen below.

Town of Basalt Colorado 81621[/frame]

“Our Town” Process:
The Next Steps

The 3,000 ideas generated by the community were synthesized into three Site Plan alternatives. The community then voted for the site plan that most represented what they would like to see in Downtown Basalt. See the Ballot Results.

The next step was for DAAC to hold meetings in order to prepare their recommendations to the Basalt Town Council.  Click here to review DAAC’s report to the Town Council (3.57 MB download).

DAAC Meetings
DAAC : Downtown Area Advisory Committee

The Town conducted a second survey to clarify the findings of the June 2014 Our Town Planning survey.  At the bottom of the website there is a link to the survey report.

Now, in late winter 2015, the Planning and Zoning Committee is reviewing the DAAC concept map and will focus its efforts on downtown redevelopment planning.  This entails revising some zoning language and amending the Town’s Master Plan to include redevelopment goals.  Other considerations are revisions to the Town’s Housing Guidelines and the Two Rivers Road Greenway Master Plan.  The revisions and amendments will be forwarded to the Town Council for final action sometime this coming summer.  Between now and then public hearings will be held so watch the Town’s website for these upcoming agenda items.