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Let Us Know Your Vision Preferences

Vote For Your Vision of Downtown Basalt

    Section C

  • OptionOne-1C-WestDownMidland Existing-C-WestDownMidland
    Option C1 Option C2 (Existing)
  • Section D

  • OptionOne-1D-from-town-hall OptionTwo-2D-From-town-hall Existing-D-from-town-hall
    Option D1 Option D2 Option D3 (Existing)
  • Section H

  • OpyionOne-1H-four-way-south Existing-H-FourWaySouth
    Option H1 Option H2 (Existing)
  • Section J

  • OptionOne-1J-fourWayNorth Existing-J-fourWayNorth
    Option J1 Option J2 (Existing)
  • Section K

  • OptionOne-1K-fourWayEast Existing-K-Four-way-east
    Option K1 Option K2 (Existing)
  • Section M

  • OptionOne-1M-SwingingBridge Existing-M-Swinging-Bridge
    Option M1 Option M2 (Existing)


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