Downtown Area Advisory Committee

View the DAAC presentation of its Concept Plan to the Basalt Town Council and Planning & Zoning Commission (click here)

Our Town Planning Process: The Next Steps

DAAC Appointments

Resolution No. 54, Series of 2014, established a Downtown Area Advisory Committee (DAAC) to help the Basalt Town Council determine plausible redevelopment scenarios for the Our Town Planning Area. The Resolution established that each Councilor would appoint a Committee member and the P&Z and Mayor’s Cabinet would each appoint two members, for a total of 10 members.

  • Council Appointments: Ted Guy, Greg Shugars, Cathy Click, Steve Chase, Chris Lane, Charlie Cole*
  • P&Z Appointments: Chris Touchette and Tracy Bennett
  • Mayor’s Cabinet Appointments: Gerry Terwilliger and Julie Kolar

* Out of Town appointment. Resolution No. 54, Series of 2014, established that up to 2 of the Appointments could reside out of Town.

Our Town Planning Process

The Downtown Area Advisory Committee at work.

First Step – DAAC Meetings

The DAAC will meet as follows (all meetings open to the public):
Meeting Time: 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Town Hall – Town Council Chambers

Meeting Dates:

Note: The December 18th meeting will be held at the Basalt Library Community Room

The DAAC In Action

Determining plausible redevelopment scenarios.

Second Step – Our Town Survey

Running concurrently with the DAAC meeting schedule, the Town has contracted with ETC Institute to conduct a scientific survey which will be mailed to every household in Basalt. The survey asks about specific types of uses the community would like to see on the Pan and Fork, Clark’s Market, and Lions Park properties (See PDF Map). Results of this scientific survey will be used to augment and support the decisions of the DAAC as it reports back to the Town Council.

Our Town Planning Scenarios

Discussing the options…and opportunities.

DAAC Presentation – December 18, 2014